Brand Management & Consultation

Establishing a successful and unified internet presence can be daunting, but with the right set of tools you can turn even the most overwhelming digital project into something exciting, fresh and rewarding. I'm here to help! 

With one-on-one consultation and different types of brand management, I will find the approach and style that perfectly fits your brand. I handle every client differently, with content, analysis and strategy that are individually tailored to maximize your online engagement. 

I can also help you create and curate exciting and unique content that is authentic to your brand. 

Whether it's training, tweaking, or taking control of your accounts, I can implement a strong social strategy and give you a solid understanding of your social platforms. From getting your name out there as a freelancer or independent artist, to growing a following for a large company, I've got the tools to grow your following and strengthen your digital identity. 

Consulting and brand management can include: 

  • Launch/Relaunch planning and strategy across platforms
  • Imposing a long-term plan that can be fine-tuned and adjusted as your accounts grow
  • Creating digital campaigns and initiatives to get your followers excited and engaged
  • Tailored content for each platform and audience
  • In-depth analysis of your audience and content and how to grow both
  • Training sessions to put the information you need in the hands that need it 
  • Photo-styling, copywriting and content construction
  • Tips, tricks and concrete advice on how to maximize your presence
  • Connecting you with any other external aid you need to make your content pop

Cost is based on a client-to-client basis and brand needs, for more information, email at: TarreynVS@gmail.com