"Tarreyn is not only socially savvy, but I am convinced that her social campaign for The Loud House has contributed a great deal to the success of the show at launch and continues to do so today. I owe her everything." - Chris Savino, Creator of The Loud House (Nickelodeon)

"Tarreyn is an absolute whiz! She will unify your online presence in dynamic, creative and strategic ways. She removes the dread from the word "brand" with her delightful personality and innovative ideas. Tarreyn works closely with her clients, and tailors her guidance to your individual needs. I can't recommend her highly enough! " - Jillian Lauren, NY Times Best Selling Author of Some Girls and Everything You Ever Wanted

"Tarreyn has her finger on the pulse of social media which has helped bolster the exposure and engagement for The Loud House beyond our wildest dreams." - Karen Malach, Producer of The Loud House, Fairly Odd Parents, Bunsen is a Beast

"Tarreyn is a joy on the internet and a joy as a person. You can't go wrong." Andrea Seigal, screenwriter Laggies, author Like the Red Panda, To Feel Stuff, Everybody Knows Your Name

 "Tarreyn is an absolute delight to work with. Her passion for premium content has been the key to her success as a Social Media Producer, and the wealth of knowledge she's accrued through her experience in the field has strengthened the Nick social team in so many ways. The positivity and excitement she brings to everything we do is infectious! On a scale of "like it," "love it" and "gotta have it," she's a GOTTA HAVE IT PLUS! " - Narbeh Minasians, Sr. Manager of Social & Connected Content, Nickelodeon Animation

"I could not imagine having anyone representing Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks on social media other than Tarreyn Van Slyke. She diligently stays app current, is very quick minded and up to any challenge in seeking numerous ways to reach our audience through the various existing and changing platforms in the internet universe. Once understanding the sensibilities of our audiences' social media habits, Tarreyn is prompt to cater our sites to amass more internet presence, which in turn adds viewership to our show. I've learned a lot with having her on the team. With great enthusiasm, I highly encourage those wanting to delve into the Social Media world to meet and learn from Tarreyn."   - Joann Estoesta, Producer of Harvey Beaks

"Tarreyn not only brings 100% of her vivacious and contagious energy to the classes she teaches for my talent development programs, she also brings with her a wealth of applicable wisdom that she curates and customizes for each specific audience. The combination of Tarreyn's impeccable eye for detail, business acumen, and knowledge of all things trending that you wish you knew, makes her a tour de force in the ever-evolving digital landscape that we find ourselves amidst. What can I say about Tarreyn? Hire her. Right away. I assure you, you won't regret it."  - Amy Wu, Program Manager of Nickelodeon's Internship Program and Nick University